Antiques Are Valuable Pieces of Art and History

Our antique brass jail cut message holder is a stunning reminder of a more genteel era and an easy way to add a dash of pure elegance to your home. Individually crafted by skilled artisans, it holds the timeless allure of brass while offering intricately sculpted details that make even everyday correspondence feel special.

Before mobile phones, computers were born; writing letters were one of the most basic forms of┬ácommunication. In the earlier days, people were using animals for sending mails and send message. Most used were pigeons; “pigeon post”. They had an excellent sense of direction and can easily find their way. After composing the message in little scraps of paper they tied and attached to the bird’s leg. In early days, to send some message or important information to people over long distances would take sometimes months together. In such case, protections of the letters were the utmost priority.

This antique Jali cut Brass Message Holder solved the above purpose. What we have here is an old-fashioned yet admiring Jali Cut Brass Message Holder which was used to protect the important messages. Crafted from Brass material, this rich look Holder which will take you in the world of Mughals. Mughal court etiquettes, manners and ceremonies were the delight of the entire world. Our product contains the same richness and royalty.

This 12.5*2*1.5 inch golden colour message holder is amazingly crafted. The fact that it is 100 to 150 years old but still hold the grace and uniqueness. It just goes to show the quality of workmanship back then.

During early times, King used to appoint certain people who would walk or ride horses across whole provinces with written messages packed in such beautiful holders. Apart from its beauty, the fact which was equally important was its toughness and security. It has to be really rough and tough as the delivery of message might take months. This super combination of bold and beauty is only seen in such antiques.

So bring this one of the oldest human invention Brass antique to your home and create an ambience of Mughals at your living space. Preserve the personality of the past while designing your interior of your home. This vintage message holder when artfully mixed in with other antiques will infuse your living room in an exceptional way. This Jali cut Brass Message holder can offer a striking way to fill a blank wall. You can add a Mughal reflection to your home by hanging it on the wall. You can also give a personal touch to it by putting some memorable letter given by your loved ones in it. Through this you can create a personal display at your home by carving out a corner for this. With a little creativity and open-mindedness, showcase this one- of- kind antique at your homes and create something truly special.

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