Some Points to Review about Reconditioned Engines

If you have been driving a vehicle for a long time now, you must have felt the impacts of wear and tear suffered by its engine. There are actually two ways to get rid of this wear and tear and damages that this part suffers on a regular basis. Getting the engine replaced and the other is getting this part reconditioned. In terms of replacement, the first question to question your decision is what type of engine you want to replace the original one with. There are two choices available and the first is picking the second hand unit and the second is the reconditioned engine.

Using Second Hand Engine

•    The slightly cheaper alternative is using the second hand unit.
•    It is also an appropriate option, if you are not planning to keep the vehicle after it has been repaired.
•    However, the problem with this option is that you will have no answer to give to the question of the mileage of the vehicle or what are the driving habits or how it performs on a particular speed.
•    The good point is that this version comes with some short-term warranty as well.

The Reconditioned version

•    On the contrary, if you plan to keep your vehicle with you for another couple of years, you should seriously consider getting reconditioned engine and reconditioned diesel fuel pumps, etc.
•    The biggest feature of this choice is that it is virtually next to brand new engine.
•    This also means at as you get this version installed in your vehicle, it would be like starting the vehicle right from meter reading “zero”.
•    Moreover, the lifespan of the engine or the vehicle would be almost equal to the brand new vehicle.

The reason is that this engine or reconditioned diesel fuel pumps have quite a good amount of work, processes and treatments done on them. Because of this, it is able to offer an equal warranty as the new one. This fact makes it a smart choice for those who still plan to keep the vehicle with them for as long as possible.
Companies offering the services related to reconditioned diesel fuel pumps also offer several other services that include the following.

•    Complete engine reconditioning
•    Aluminium and cast welding
•    Full cylinder head servicing
•    General engineering
•    Onsite broken bolt, stud removal and thread repairs
•    Crankshaft snout and keyway repairs in chassis
•    Full drive-in/drive-out engine fitting services
•    Full vehicle servicing and mechanical repairs

Here are the processes conducted at the time of engine reconditioning.

•    It is ensured they have flat mating surfaces
•    The cranks are machined, polished or replaced as necessary
•    New bearing sets are installed in both the connecting rods and main journals to ensure optimum oil pressure
•    The pistons are fitted with new piston rings to create a positive seal in the cylinder chamber
•    The cylinder heads are pressure tested to check internal cracks
•    New oil seals are fitted to make the unit oil tight after all is reassembled

These steps would ensure that the engine is fit for the purpose and is all set to become a dependable replacement for your faulty unit.

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